How it Works – Document Delivery

When you identify an item that the Texas A&M University Libraries does own, but it’s located across campus…

1.    Capture as much information about the item as you can.

2.    Complete the appropriate request form within the Get It For Me! System

  • If you are requesting multiple items, each must be submitted on a separate form.

3.    When the item arrives you will receive an e-mail informing you where you can retrieve the item.

  • If you requested an article, or other easily scanned item, then you will be directed to the Get It For Me! System where an electronic PDF version of the item will reside.
  • If you requested an item that could not be scanned, you will be directed to your chosen library’s circulation desk.

4.    If the item was on loan, return it to the West Campus Library Circulation Desk on, or before, the due date.